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מתיבתא נעימות התורה

Torah Education For Every Child In Accordance With His Needs.

Our Mission Statement

Mesivta N'eimus HaTorah was established with the belief that every boy deserves a chance to succeed. With a group of warm, highly dedicated, and specially trained staff, along with a unique, individualized program, we inspire our Talmidim to grow, achieving breakthroughs they never thought possible. The goal is for our talmidim to develop into sincere, well balance, Bnei - Torah, along with the life-skills necessary to be a functioning member of society.

We aim to educate each student and raise his self-esteem, by encouraging him to develop his fullest potential in order to prepare him to face the world as a Ben Torah.

He loves to learn. It's just not always so easy.

N'eimus Hatorah. It means the sweetness of Torah. For young men/boys with different learning styles, the joy of intensive Torah study can be elusive. They look at others and wonder why they don't get it. Why do the smiles of their peers cause them such frustration?

N'eimus HaTorah has opened a new doors in learning for High School boys who simply need to be taught "Al Pi Darkam", in their particular ways. With the level of attention that can only be provided in a small nurturing atmosphere by specially trained mechanchim and teachers, our boys regularly achieve new breakthroughs in learning.

This has a cascading positive effect on their self-esteem and self-watch, as they begin to see themselves on par with their friends, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Our Talmidim learn bi-weekly with members of the community, further proving them with excellent role models and assisting them in improving their skills. 

Although our program is warm and welcoming, it requires real effort. Our boys are expected to attend night sedar, activities and Sunday classes, just like their peers in other Yeshivos.


We strive for our talmidim to develop into sincere, well balanced Bnei Torah,
along with the life skills necessary to be a functioning member of society.

Our Curriculum


Reflecting on the Past: A Decade in Review

Nearly a decade since our inception, we have had students from cities and communities around the country. The growth and development experienced here has enabled them to move on with confidence. Some of our alumni can be found in the Koslei Beis HaMedrash, others are pursuing a college degree, and still other have entered the work force. We take pride in their accomplishments of our talmidim, whichever path they choose to take.


We focus on the entire person, identifying individual strengths, as well as understanding and targeting weaknesses. Aside from a full limudei kodesh and secular studies curriculum, our program includes life/social skills enrichment, community involvement, organized sports, and a wide array of extracurricular activities.

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With the help of N'eimus HaTorah, I have become a different person.


N'eimus HaTorah has done for my son what no other Yeshiva has.


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