Looking Back: The Year That Started It All

Mesivta N'eimus HaTorah is dedicated in memory of Dr. Allan Schulman, a remarkable individual who personified the type of Kiddush Hashem, we encourage in our boys; Becoming a responsible, admirable baal habayis who is thoroughly dedicated to Torah U' Mitzvos. Dr. Schulman was a tenured professor at the NYU College of Dentistry. Proudly walking around those halls for 28 years in his yarmulka, he made an indelible impression on his students, faculty and administration. He earned the well-deserved reputation of being a humble friend and mentor to whomever he interacted with. This was enhanced by his expansive Torah knowledge. he not only enjoyed learning for himself, but gave Gemara shiurim in Kew Gardens Hill. Dr. Schulman would certainly have been proud to have his name associated with N'eimus HaTorah.

Celebrating 10 Years of Success

Nearly a decade since our inception, we have had students from cities and communities around the country. The growth and development experienced here has enabled them to move on with confidence. Some of our alumni can be found in the Koslei Beis HaMedrash, others are pursuing a college degree, and still others have entered the work force. We take pride in the accomplishments of our talmidim, whichever path they choose to take.

Who Are Our Talmidim?

N'eimus HaTorah, which consist of 9th - 12th grade classes, has small individualized classes - with never more than 20 boys enrolled a time. Most of the boys come from a very diverse group of schuls, elementary schools and days schools in the Baltimore area. Other boys come from cities such as Cleveland, Columbus, Philadelphia, Monsey, Brooklyn, Queens, Detroit, and Lakewood.


Rabbi Laib Schulman

Menahel founder

Rabbi Lipsky Rebbe

Extra curricular coordinator

Rabbi Shmuel Weissman

S'Gan menahel

Rabbi Emanuel Hakakian

secular studies principal

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